Lycanthropy LLC provides both digital and physical security services at extremely competitive prices. It is our view that every business should take security seriously, and our pricing reflects that. We provide the following services:

  • Digital Penetration Testing$3,000 and up

We pentest web applications, APIs, mobile applications, and internal corporate networks. We specialize in both manual and tool-assisted penetration testing. 

  • Physical Penetration Testing$1,500 and up

We'll test and evaluate your perimeter security, locks, access control systems, physical barriers, and security staff for vulnerabilities.

  • Bug Bounty Program Training - $900 and up

Want to start your own bug bounty program? Our team will help you start an effective program or improve the efficiency of your existing one. We'll also train your staff on sustaining the program once it is setup.

  • Information Security Training - $900 and up

We'll help you build your own information security team or train your existing team!

  • Incident Response - Pricing varies

Unfortunately, getting compromised is a common event in modern times. If you've recently faced a security incident, we'll help you mitigate it and implement controls to reduce future risk.